The Character Assassination Bureau

The are few more adept at personal smears than Fox Haters desperate for another target. But at the newshounds, there’s always a dog that didn’t bark. And therein lies the catch. Updated!
To understand this story we first have to set the wayback machine for 2006. It was in May of that year that Ellen Brodsky’s newshounds published an impassioned plea for media fairness. You see, Fox had reported that Sandy Berger was accused of stealing classified documents, and since he was cleared of all charges, it’s irresponsible not to report that fact as well:

Any Fox watcher knows that Fox loved the first part of this story - the part where Sandy Berger was accused of removing documents. Still, we aren't hearing much, if anything, about this second part - the part where Berger's vindicated.

Now you may be asking yourself, when was Sandy Berger vindicated? Wasn’t he charged? Didn’t he plead guilty and admit he took the documents and lied about it? Of course he did. As is so often the case, the newspoodles weren’t telling the truth. But that didn’t prevent them from getting on their high horse and lecturing Fox about the need to report when someone’s been cleared.

Now in 2012, Brodsky has another breathless scoop:

Former Fox News Reporter Greg Kelly Accused Of Rape

Why does a former FNC reporter get such attention from Sharia Ellen? Well, when your goal is character assassination, you take whatever you can get. So Brodsky lays out the salacious details and clicks on publish. Her minions have been primed to ramp up the invective, so ‘Antoinette’ adds her own thoughtful contribution:

  • We said this year that News Corporation would have a very bad year, and so would its Fox “News” mouthpieces. This is the beginning of the crop. These frauds portray themselves as “christians” but they are not. They have dark sides and the conservative masses will learn all their dirty secrets and more. Tell the masses in the streets about this rape. Tie this rape case around the necks of Fox “News” Channel and Nixon-trainee Roger Ailes. One talk show host has already told his audience about this incident. There’s more Fox “News” scandals coming down the pipe involving other conservative mouthpieces.

How was Greg Kelly a ‘conservative mouthpiece’? ‘Antoinette’ doesn’t say, but then again her purpose wasn’t exactly enlightenment, was it?

It was only about two weeks later that the other shoe dropped:

We suspect you know exactly where this is going. Another week passes. Two. Three. A month and more. When does Ellen Brodsky, who hyped the investigation story, publish the fact that Greg Kelly was cleared of all charges? Never! Mind you, it’s irresponsible not to report when someone has been cleared, but hey, that rule doesn’t apply to Ellen Brodsky! After all, ‘Antoinette’ has to spread the word ‘about this rape’ and tie it ‘around the necks’ of a news channel Greg Kelly doesn’t work at. So Brodsky sees to it that Kelly’s innocence becomes another dog that doesn’t bark.

If all this sounds like character assassination to you, then you understand what the newsliars are all about. It should come as no surprise that they never updated their story with the most salient fact of all. The biased bassets don’t want their readers to know. This is nothing new; it’s an established pattern of behavior at The Character Assassination Bureau.

They published revolting, libelous allegations about John Gibson. Ellen Brodsky smeared Megyn Kelly without a single verified fact based on a ‘rumor’ that she stumbled across. No apologies were ever made for these character assassinations. For that matter, Sharia Ellen even fabricated a claim that your humble blogger was a convicted criminal! (Considering that Brodsky bragged of doing an ‘exhaustive’ investigation into our personal life, one wonders why she has to resort to such smears.)

And it’s not just Brodsky. The tail-wagger who goes by ‘Alex’ concocted a vicious smear of Juan Williams, doctoring his quotes to make it appear that he was expressing views that were actually the words of a terrorist! We caught ‘Alex’ red-handed in this bit of character assassination, and--true to form--there was no correction, no retraction, no apology to Juan Williams. Instead ‘Alex’ stealthily scrubbed the piece from the internet, thinking that would conceal her perfidy. But we got there first.

Who will be the next victim of Ellen Brodsky’s Character Assassination Bureau?

UPDATE: Ellen Brodsky wasted no time publishing a response to this post, and it’s a perfect example of how the newspoodles operate. Regarding her disgusting smears of Megyn Kelly she said...well, nothing. How did she defend her treatment of Greg Kelly? Um...well...she didn’t mention that either. What’s more, Brodsky had no reply to the vile, libelous smears she published about John Gibson.

What kind of response is that? The kind that talks about everything except the lies and slanders disgorged by the tail-waggers on a daily basis. Instead of addressing the substance of our criticism, Brodsky seizes on a comment to a different post and claims I defended it (actually I criticized it while noting it didn’t violate the commenting rules).

Then Ellen embarks on a festival of personal attacks on your humble blog correspondent, whines about her picture being used (after she herself authorized its use), complains that we continue to remind people of her fondness for Sharia law, and again permits to be published a smear of one of our posters--a smear so ugly that the law declares it to be libel per se. Yes, the same Ellen Brodsky who is up in paws about an ‘ugly’ joke in our comment section allows libelous accusations of criminal behavior on her own website! You can’t make this stuff up.

More and more Brodsky’s kennel is devolving from a source for lies about Fox News into a sewer of septic minds spewing smears at imagined enemies and ‘stalkers’--while Brodsky mounts ‘exhaustive’ borderline-paranoid investigations into anyone who would dare criticize her diseased defamations. And she has given the green light to the kennel-dwellers to slander with impunity even those who post comments at this website.

Ellen Brodsky’s Character Assassination Bureau has chosen its next targets, and if you’re reading this, you’re one of them.
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