What a Tangled Web She Weaves...

...when a newshound practices to deceive. One of them attempts to set the record straight. But there’s a catch.

The newshound who goes by ‘Alex’ didn’t like it when we pointed out how she smeared Juan Williams. So ‘Alex’ thought she would explain herself--not here, of course, but in the safe cocoon of the dog pound:

I had written a post which included an anti-Muslim remark I thought Williams had made (circled in red in Dollar’s screen grab)

So far, so good.

Right after I posted it I went back to my notes to check something and realized I had made a mistake: Williams had been quoting someone else. I took the post down so fast I figured no one would have seen it yet and therefor didn’t even think of issuing a retraction

Really? Why not just correct the error and let the rest of the post stand? That wasn’t the only thing the post dealt with.

But one of Dollar’s obsessed lurkers (some of you will remember Chris G. ) had pounced immediately and taken a screen grab...

Here’s where ‘Alex’ starts to get into trouble. Because when she doesn’t know the facts she makes them up. Chris never took a screen grab. I took the screen grab.

he ain’t got nothin, so he uses a “nothing”, i.e. a post that existed for little more than 5 minutes and now only exists in his precious screen grab, to try to make me look bad.

Ah, but there’s a catch. We know from the link that the post was put up on Oct 21:

http://www.newshounds.us/2010/10/21/juan_williams_axed_by_npr_ after_muslim_comments_on_oreilly_factor.php

But look, here’s Chris G describing the post and Alex’s smear of Juan Williams a full day later, on Oct 22:

I've seen this comment on a lying Fox hating blog taken out of context: (which actually hid the post because if you go to the main page-you can't find it at all-which is nothing new for the blog)

Our ‘Fox Haters Week in Review’ usually appeared on Sunday evening but we had other commitments that weekend, so we didn’t get to do it until Monday the 25th. We had read Chris’s post and wondered which blog had pulled such a slimy smear, since Chris did not identify the blog or provide a link. When he told us it was the newshounds it was a simple matter to find the post, even though it was no longer on the front page: just input the words Chris quoted into the Google search and--presto!--up came Alex’s post. (That’s why we gave a hat tip to Chris: he spotted the smear first.)

So on the 25th J$P posted its exposé. We included a link to the smear post which, if ‘Alex’ were telling the truth and it had only been up for five minutes, would have been an impossibility. The post would have been gone before Chris G saw it, let alone by the time we found it and wrote it up. Knowing the hound predilection for scrubbing their embarrassments off the internet when they’ve been caught, we took the precaution of taking a screen grab. (It was only after our exposé hit the interwebs that the newshound post was scrubbed, and when that happened we noted it in an update.)

The story ‘Alex’ tells now--that her post was removed after five minutes--is, quite simply, a laughable lie. We don’t recall any such defense back when our exposé appeared. And to this day, even while spinning a fanciful, clearly false tale about what happened, she hasn’t apologized to Juan Williams. That’s our ‘Alex’--still sleazy after all these years.
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