An Ill Wind That Blows No Truth

Why attack Janice Dean? To smear Fox. Any questions? Yeah, what if you attack her for not airing misinformation? Then you just might be a newshound. And therein lies the catch.
There is only one goal at the diseased dog pound of the newshounds: to smear Fox and anyone who works there. Or even people who used to work there. Need we remind people of Ellen Brodsky’s character assassination of Greg Kelly—trumpet and hype an ‘investigation’ into rape accusations, but never report that he was cleared of all charges? The same could be said of Douglas Kennedy—a big splash with the allegations, but nothing when he’s cleared.

Another tactic of the biased bassets is to make up nonexistent facts and use them to attack Fox News reporting. You know, like the time they claimed Sandy Berger was found innocent of all charges, and slammed FNC for not reporting this non-fact. Or when Brodsky herself falsified the words of Gen Casey to claim he was misquoted on Fox...only Ellen wasn’t telling the truth. Fox News was.

So, what is it this time? Well, it’s Brodsky again:

The Words Fox News Won’t Use When Covering Texas Tornadoes: Global Warming

Yes, Sharia Ellen may not be a meteorologist, but she did stay in a Holiday Inn once, and that makes her smarter and more knowledgeable than AMS-certified Janice Dean.

she went on to suggest that maybe the difference this time is that tornados are hitting urban areas instead of “cornfields” “where no one lives.” But the words “global warming” never crossed either Dean’s or [Neil] Cavuto’s lips.

Needless to say, the credulous kennel-dwellers swallowed Brodsky’s bilge whole-cloth:

  • FoxGOPTV Propaganda spews: Nah! Global Warming had nothing to do with this...
  • Also when Katrina hit,there were those nice,conservative folks who had the nerve to say that ‘they got what they deserved for being too stupid to move!’.
  • I won’t even bother betting on when FoxNoise suggests that global warming or climate change plays any part. (I’ve got a feeling that Jay-Z and Beyonce will have a #1 country hit before FoxNoise would give global warming even the least bit of credence.)

Once again Ellen Brodsky nails another egregious example of Fox News evil. She was so proud of this exposé she tweeted it, and in short order Mr @AuntyEmEricann and @NewsHoundAlex retweeted it to their followers. So just about the entire newspoodle gang put their credibility solidly behind Ellen Brodsky’s polemic.

But there’s a catch. And it’s a big one. Brodsky is wrong. They’re all wrong, all three of them. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s go straight to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—you know, the National Weather Service people—and see what they have to say about tornadoes and global warming:

Does "global warming" cause tornadoes? No. Thunderstorms do.... This is because tornadoes are short-fused weather, on the time scale of seconds and minutes, and a space scale of fractions of a mile across. In contrast, climate trends take many years, decades, or millennia, spanning vast areas of the globe. The numerous unknowns dwell in the vast gap between those time and space scales.

Oops! Has Ellen Brodsky been caught misinforming yet again? Worse than that, she got on her high horse and attacked Fox News because they didn’t broadcast the falsehoods she wanted them to! What Ellen wanted was for Janice Dean to reject her meteorologist training and the findings of the NOAA, just to air a phony claim about tornadoes and global warming that is false and untrue. Truly, Brodsky’s blather is an ill wind in every sense of the term.

Fox News refuses to misinform about tornadoes, Ellen attacks Janice Dean for that, Mr Em and Alex co-sign the smears, and the gullible lemmings pile on. Just another day at the newshound kennel, where more lies are always ahead.
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