New Dog, Old Trick

Another embarrassment for Ellen Brodsky’s newshounds. And despite new blood, the trick is one they’ve been using for more than half a decade.
Note: Don’t believe anything you read at the newshounds. That goes double if it’s written by Ellen Brodsky or especially her new poodle who goes by ‘Aria’. That one is so dishonest that after debuting at the dog pound she quickly climbed the ladder of success to telling The Lie of the Week. ‘Aria’ has spewed falsehoods about ratings, Bret Baier, and even your humble blog correspondent. Now we have a new smear—written by Brodsky and Aria. And they lie in the very first sentence:

If Fox News contributor Donald Trump has been gunning for the title of “stupidest stunt ever...

How many times have Brodsky’s bowsers decided to claim falsely that someone was a Fox News ‘contributor’ just so they could use that person’s appearance to attack Fox? Look, here’s an example from two years ago. In fact they were pulling this deceptive trick as far back as 2005! (And of course they do the reverse just as fluently: say someone is not a Fox News contributor when he actually is.) Basically, this hoary old fabrication is what they do to somehow impute to Fox News the views expressed by someone who is simply a guest, like he would be on any other channel.

And that brings us back to Mr Trump. Brodsky and ‘Aria’ go on and on about this ‘Fox News contributor’, hoping against hope that nobody knows the truth. But how could Donald Trump be a Fox News contributor when he has a weekly guest shot on CNBC every Tuesday? Never mind his visits to NBC’s Today, how about Trump’s regular appearances on CNN?

But wait, there’s more. If Trump is a Fox News ‘contributor’ why isn’t he listed here? Even more to the point, why do the biased bassets falsify something that’s public knowledge? That’s been reported over and over again:

  • CBS News: Trump will be a regular guest, not a contributor, and thus will not be paid.
  • Huffington Post: Trump is merely making a weekly guest appearance and is not becoming a Fox News contributor...
  • Democratic Underground: Trump will be a regular guest, not a contributor...

Now the Ellen/‘Aria’ tag-team won’t set any records for intelligence, but even they realize that it’s pointless to complain about Trump’s appearances on Fox when he’s making just as many guest shots on other outlets, covering all the same topics that he covers on Fox. They needed some way to juice the story to fool the haters at the kennel. Can you visualize Ellen Brodsky and ‘Aria’ huddling to figure out how to make their nothing-burger look substantive? Then a lightbulb (twisty variety, of course) appeared over one of their heads. Hey, let’s say he’s a ‘contributor’. That’ll make it sound like he’s speaking for Fox News. Never mind that it’s not true!

It’s just another smear from the diseased, dishonest dog pound, where more lies are always ahead.

UPDATE: Ellen Brodsky responded to this post with--what else?--personal attacks. Later she quietly appended a correction to her article. Shockingly, she did not give a hat tip to J$P. Ethics definitely have their limits at the corrupt kennel.
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