Newshounds Promote Smear of First Responders

Why would the newshounds support a claim that the NYPD conspired to commit serial rape? The surprising answer that won’t surprise you at all.
In their zeal to attack Sean Hannity, the newshounds will stop at nothing. The concept of collateral damage doesn’t bother them—they revel in it. And so Ellen Brodsky’s toxic venom hits another undeserved target.

Harrison Schultz, a leader of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, appeared on Hannity, and one of the first things that came up was the issue of rapes. Hannity asked Schultz why the violence was so bad in Zuccotti Park that they had to set up a special rape-free zone. The mind-boggling reply:
SCHULTZ: Because the NYPD was sending rapists down to the park…I didn't bring my files with me, but you can check this out on the internet.
No, we are not making this up. No, he was not joking. And no, Ellen Brodsky did not object to this contemptible smear. She did not defend our first responders (as Hannity did). Quite the opposite, Brodsky validated Schultz’s outrageous slanders:
Schultz was feisty and smart and was never intimidated despite Hannity’s repeated attempts to smear and demean him.
What?!? New York’s first responders are accused of conspiring to commit multiple rapes, and to Sharia Ellen that’s not despicable? All she can say is that it’s ‘feisty’? And ‘smart’?!?

To be a Fox hater, you first have to be a hater. And inevitably that hate will grow, and spread, even to supporting a loathsome lie against the first responders of New York City. Does Ellen Brodsky have no shame?
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