Beware the Papists!

The Fox Haters’ most ferocious bigot barks a warning about those sinister, malevolent Catholics. But as always, there’s a catch.
This is an unusual post. First we’re going to reprint a comment posted at J$P earlier today. It references another screed by the dog pound’s ‘Priscilla’, this one an especially noxious outpouring of anti-Catholic hate and venom. Then we’ll update you on what happened after that...

Not a biggie as such things go with the Hounds but Miss Priss has a glaring error in the front page of her column bashing, wait for it----FOX and the Catholic Church.
This network employs, as its only official religious correspondent, a Catholic priest...
For someone who claims to watch FOX to spare others the pain and misery of doing so themselves she sure doesn't seem to know very much about it or its regular hosts and correspondents. Why isn't Miss Priss aware that the beautiful and talented Lauren Green is the official religion correspondent for FOX and her all time fave padre is only a contributor and analyst for FOX? One would think that having been caught, by our dear leader Johnny Dollar, making this very same mistake/lie she would have a clue. But it seems that the Priss makes a habit of ignoring Lauren Green's very existence by omitting her from her list of brunettes on FOX.

There couldn't be any prejudice or bias from such an estimable, tolerant, and inclusive being as Miss Priss. She who devotes so many hours to tracking down and exposing that most heinous of biases, racism, that lurks in the breast of all FOX fans. I think there is a healthy dose of that but I don't think she can even recognize it. Like so many of her self proclaimed tolerant libs she is congenitally unable to recognize that her horror of and proclamations that any black who is not a liberal is a traitor is itself a particularly nasty form of racism.

I suspect it is mostly plain old green-eyed jealousy. The comments at The Kennel, from both men and women, are replete with insults based on the perceived physical ugliness of both female FOX employees and conservative contributors and insults based on the perceived lack of intelligence and/or talent. That coming from the (guess I can't say ‘bitches’, as in female dogs) women is as old as time and we ladies understand it well. It jars your teeth that the woman you so vehemently dislike, look down upon and disapprove of is also talented, accomplished, successful, powerful and stunningly beautiful: as in Miss Minnesota; runner up to Miss USA; performing concert pianist; and a correspondent for the most successful cable news channel with a national audience.

I'm not surprised that the ever lovely and always charming Miss Priss manages to forget she even exists. The one thing about the Horn Dogs at The Kennel is that they also join in the chorus that all those lovely women on FOX are just plain ugly! That is flat out not natural.

Our pal Priscilla, who scours the comment threads at J$P like F Lee Bailey fly-specking a contract, spotted the above and immediately swung into action. She quickly produced an addendum to her Pulitzer-quality post, and as our commenter put it:

Thank you Johnny, and thank you Miss Priss for reading J$P and my humble contribution. In addition to having suddenly dropped her signature phrase ‘wait for it—religious liberty’ after it being mentioned here, she has just added a correction to her current column re Fr Morris that is about 60% of the column length and praises Lauren Green's work.

Of course that praise is given in the context that no African Americans regularly host their own show on FOX and Lauren green would be great because—wait for it—she’s a good Catholic. How Pavlovian, which is quite appropriate I think, because his work is based on dogs and The Kennel dwellers are the ultimate in being a dog.

Priscilla’s update is like a microcosm of her time at the dog pound, where her record has been brilliant. A brilliant record of ignorance, deceit, and outright lying. Let’s examine just two points of her super-intellectual retort:
Fr. Morris is listed, on the Fox website, as a religious "contributor." He is not an [sic] religious "correspondent" as is Lauren Green who is - surprise, surprise - another devout Roman Catholic in the Fox News chancery.
Now you may wonder, how exactly does Prissy know that Lauren Green is a Roman Catholic, let alone a devout Roman Catholic? Not surprisingly, she provides no link or other documentation for the claim. Curiously, we find Ms Green being invited to speak at Princeton University to give the Protestant perspective on faith and ethics. How odd that they invited others to give the Roman Catholic perspective, when Prissy tells us that Ms Green is not just a Catholic, but an especially devout one.

And therein lies the catch. It turns out that the event was preserved on video. And in that video, Ms Green for some reason doesn’t mention being a Roman Catholic. She does speak of her faith: the Baptist faith. So where did Priscilla get the idea that Lauren Green was ‘a devout Catholic’? True to form, she made it up!

But wait, there’s more:
It would be nice if she had her own show. Unlike other networks, Fox has no regular African-American host so having her as an anchor would do a lot for their melanin challenged host line-up.
Can you see where this is going? Yes, just as with her inventory of Fox News hair colors, Priscilla is lying again...

How can you tell when Priscilla is lying? She just clicked ‘publish’.

UPDATE: Miss Prissy has added an addendum to her addendum. (It must be hard keeping all the fabrications straight.) Regarding her invented claim that Lauren Green is a Catholic:
I seemed to recall that she once identifed [sic] herself as a Catholic...
That’s right, Priscilla’s research before publishing a lie is ‘I seemed to recall...' Truly Pulitzer-worthy. Remember that the next time you read her drivel.
But unlike Fox (and Johnny's man crush, Bill O'Reilly) I am perfectly willing to stand corrected.
No, we don’t know what the O’Reilly reference is about. It’s not possible to tell what people mean when they make up stuff out of thin air. As for being willing to stand corrected, when will she get around to this laundry list?
And yes, Kelly Wright, an African American, is one of the hosts on Fox's week-end Fox News Headquarters. Now that's an impressive gig.
It’s more impressive than nothing at all, which was the original lie. And why this compulsion to demean the work black people do? Can we add racism to Prissy’s virulent anti-Catholicism?
Arthel Neville doesn't seem to be a regular host.
We posted the link that spells out Ms Neville’s ‘regular host’ role every Saturday, and Prissy still lies that she doesn’t have one! Oh, and don’t hold your breath for Prissy to acknowledge Harris Faulkner, who as we write is concluding tonight’s assignment as anchor of The Fox Report. Ms Faulkner seems to have been forever ‘disappeared’ from Prissy’s wonderous world of xenophobia.
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