Another Ellen Brodsky Scoop!

The newshounds have breaking news! But they’re the ones who broke it, and that’s the catch.
You’d think that ‘Scoop’ Brodsky, doyenne of the newshounds, would have spent the past 24 hours doing something constructive, like printing a retraction and/or apology for her fabricated smear against Fox News polls. But no...Brodsky apparently doesn’t believe in corrections. Instead, she’s off in twitterville, again embarrassing herself with another newshound stop-the-presses moment that proves to be less than meets the eye:

  • Don't tell Gretchen Carlson but Fox News is launching a Spanish language network.

Turns out that Sharia Ellen farmed out the writing of this falsehood to Miss Priscilla—hence the obligatory reference to ‘white’ Gretchen Carlson. (Though Priscilla goes both ways; remember when she described the ‘all-white’ news team of Jamie Colby and Kelly Wright?!) What does Miss Prissy scream in her latest headline?
Don't Tell Gretchen Carlson - Fox News Is Launching Spanish Language Network
This undoubtedly will come as news to many, but there’s a catch. This is Brodsky and Prissy we’re talking about it. And you know what that’s not true!

is not a news network. In fact, contrary to what the kennel’s answer to Woodward and Bernstein insist, it has no connection whatsoever to Fox News! As Alex Weprin reported (back when this ‘news’ was announced—two months ago!):
MundoFox will not have any association with Fox News Channel, which provides news to the FOX broadcasting network (i.e. “Fox News Sunday”).
No association with Fox News?!? Then how can Prissy do her smear of Gretchen Carlson? Simple! Just lie and say ‘Fox News Is Launching' the network. Sure it’s not true, but the credulous kennel-dwellers won’t know any better.

Prissy lies, Brodsky twitter-swears to it, and the ravenous appetite of the Fox haters echo chamber has been fed another giant serving of patently transparent fabrications. Just another day’s dishonest work at the depraved dog pound.
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