A New Front in the War on Women

Who’s waging it? The surprising answer that isn’t a surprise at all.
It’s another one of those patented Ellen Brodsky newshound moments, when the outer appearance of just being a lying Fox hater slips off momentarily, and we find beneath it a lying Fox hater who also’s also a venomous hypocrite. Let’s set the wayback machine to those days of yesteryear when Glenn Beck was still appearing on Fox News. Here is Brodsky in typical form, slinging the smears and personal attacks. The headline screams:
Beck Likens Obama To A Cancer In The Country
And then Brodsky’s indignation about this horrible language kicks into high gear:
Glenn Beck, who puts himself forth as such a great patriot that he gets weepy just thinking about how much he loves his country, showed off his latest way to smear it yesterday (6/9/09): by likening President Barack Obama to a cancer....Then he went on to plug the next issue of his magazine. “My next issue... is all about the CANCER (his emphasis) that is in this country....” Beck must really like that line because he called progressivism a cancer the day before, too...
Needless to say this brilliantly perceptive commentary got a rave review from the credulous lemmings, who contributed 60 (!) outraged comments, such as:

  • Fox is the true cancer of our country.
  • Fox continues to move closer to being like RTLM hate radio in Rwanda. Constant over-the-top fearmongering about how the other side is a "cancer"
  • hate speech is alive and well on fox news

You get the idea. Now, you may ask, why are we taking this little stroll down memory lane? Because Brodsky’s high-horse act over calling someone ‘a cancer’ came to mind when we stumbled across this tweet:

  • She's a cancer on America.

Hmm. What’s that all about. Well here’s the full story:

  • @ebonydiva75 tweeted to @NewsHoundEllen: OMG girl! #MichelleMalkin was being overly pissy & full of s--- on Hannity!
  • Ellen Brodsky ‏@NewsHoundEllen tweeted to @ebonydiva75: She's a cancer on America.

Whoa! Is this the same Ellen Brodsky who wrote an entire article screaming about Beck calling someone ‘a cancer’? Apparently when you’re Ellen Brodsky, it’s only ‘hate speech’ when someone on Fox does it. So she blithely calls Michelle Malkin ‘a cancer on America’, and is delusional enough to think that no one will catch her galloping hypocrisy.

Just an FYI: she also called Ms Malkin a ‘hideous hatemonger’. You shouldn’t be surprised that Brodsky would engage in this sort of personal attack. It’s approved for publication at the dog pound:

  • Not only can [Malkin] see her own ugly sneering face...
  • mediawhore malkin is proof that hate makes a person ugly. She’s ugly inside and out...

And Ellen Brodsky doesn’t mind publishing racial slurs:


Notice how many people ‘liked’ the comment? Hounds of a feather hate together. If you think only Ms Malkin gets this sort of insulting treatment, please be aware that newshound misogyny is bipartisan. Look at the disgusting comments Ellen Brodsky approved for publication about Kirsten Powers!

The strategy is clear: women who work for Fox must be destroyed, even if it means personal attacks, racial slurs, and vile demeaning language. It’s NewsHoundEllen’s war on women; you’ll have to ask her why she wages it with such repellent rhetorical sewage.

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