Outrage! Fox Hater's Slur of Cancer Survivor

Just when you think they can’t sink any lower, they do.
Jennifer Griffin survived Stage 3 breast cancer, but that gains her no respect from Fox Haters. Case in point: one ‘Homeless Mark’. His latest post takes aim at several FNC personalities, but it’s his callous, disgraceful, arguably homophobic cheap shot at Ms Griffin that caught our eye. Brandishing a photo of the cancer survivor, Homeless delivers this Pultizer-worthy commentary:
This haircut is for that large Fox News demographic of elderly lesbians.
He goes on to compare Ms Griffin to ‘a small boy with pituitary gland disorder’. Whatever grudge Homeless has against lesbians, it’s as misdirected as his attacks on Jennifer Griffin. Just ask her family.

‘Homeless Mark’ does have a day job: his own show on 94.1 WZNE radio. They’re so proud of his brilliant post that they’re promoting it on the station’s facebook page and website!

UPDATE: The post has disappeared and so have the plugs for it on the station’s website and facebook page. There is no explanation or apology.
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