Smears, Lies, and Videotape

Pooch prevaricator Priscilla pummels O’Reilly…but there’s a catch.
There’s hardly any falsehood about Fox News that you won’t find being spouted over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). You will be told that G Gordon Liddy was a Fox News contributor, or that Oliver North is a ‘convicted felon’. Such are the ‘facts’ you will learn, if you can stomach the racial attacks (‘Filipina anchor baby’) and sexist smears (‘skanky’).

And that brings us to Priscilla, who’s latest jihad against Bill O’Reilly fails for the usual reason…dishonesty. You’ve heard about the Planned Parenthood rep who opined about a baby born alive after a failed abortion, claiming that whether the baby should be cared for or allowed to die should be a decision for the parents and the doctor. Sounds like infanticide, no? Not to Prissy. And then she had to go and lie:
Bill accused the PP rep of "being honest" but didn't actually play the video or provide the quote.
But wait, there’s more:
He didn't cite Planned Parenthood's statement which supports giving care to infants born alive.
Prissy’s high dudgeon is intended to sound convincing, but there’s a catch. She’s not telling the truth. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself:

Now Priscilla posted a video to ‘prove’ her case, but guess what? All those things in the clip above, the things she claimed O’Reilly didn’t report? They were removed from the video! Left on the cutting room floor. Leaving Prissy free to misinform, mislead, and falsify.

But let’s be fair. Perhaps she’s ‘reviewing’ something without bothering to watch it. Wouldn’t be the first time the biased bassets pulled that little trick. But head canine Ellen Brodsky insists that this simply can’t be the case:
[Dollar] falsely accusing us of not watching Fox, when I can assure him that we do.
So if Prissy did watch the program in question that would mean she deliberately posted a video that had been edited, and then in a series of bald-faced lies brazenly insisted that O’Reilly never reported all the stuff that was carefully removed from the video. Wow, just like before. What a coincidence.
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