Stupid, Dishonest, or Both?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Fox haters are lying through their canine teeth, or if they’re just a pack of idiots. Oh wait…it could be both.

Quoting from newspoodle Priscilla:

Krauthammer continued to push the lie that the mainstream media ignored the trial. He expressed dismay that so few Americans are following the trial. He attributed this to how "the mainstream media gave it no coverage" until the publication of Kirsten Power's [sic] April article which "shamed them into covering it." That Krauthammer is either deliberately lying or just ignorant of the facts is underscored by the existence of a CNN video, about Gosnell, from 2011. (Guess they just put it up and backdated it?)…It's bad enough that the supposedly "fair & balanced" Fox News, in the service of a right wing, anti-choice agenda, considers itself the arbiter of what other news networks should be covering. But what makes it even more ridiculous is that their condemnation is based on misinformation - dare we say lies!

But there’s a catch. How could CNN be covering the Gosnell trial in 2011, when the trial didn’t start until 2013?

What makes Prissy’s high-horse lecturing even more ridiculous is that it’s based on misinformation…dare we say lies? Yes we dare. Check the record: lies are Priscilla’s stock-in-trade. It is possible to be both a moron and a liar.
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