Outrage: Haters Wish Hitler Killed More Jews!

How far will Fox haters go? In the case of the newshounds it’s gone from ‘bimbo’ to ‘wench’ to ‘skank’ to ‘whore’…and now to wishes that Adolph Hitler had killed Geraldo Rivera’s ancestors. As all the while Ellen Brodsky assents with silence.

The sewer that is newshounds has been especially putrid in recent weeks. Under the leadership of Ellen Brodsky they have launched into vile, sexist attacks on women. Published comments repeatedly call Megyn Kelly ‘skanky’, complete with crude sexual references. Sarah Palin is referred to as a ‘whore’. Gretchen Carlson is called a ‘blonde Bimbo’, a ‘ditzy Barbie’, and a Stepford ‘wench’. This isn’t new; last year Michelle Malkin was described as ‘a great Nazi whore’. But now it’s escalating, because this stuff is not just permitted, it’s encouraged by Brodsky’s bowsers.

The racist tone at the dog kennel ratcheted up a few more notches with the Zimmerman trial, as Sharia Ellen nastily referred to the Hispanic defendant as ‘a white guy in racial trouble’. But it reached new, repellent heights today as the denizens of the dog pound turned on Geraldo Rivera. Incredibly, this led to a complaint that Adolph Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews, because Geraldo’s ancestors weren’t exterminated! No we are not making this up:

  • Damn hitler out of all the Jews that was [sic] killed,you [sic] let Geraldo [sic] ancestors survive the holocaust.


Starting on the afternoon of July 16 we made repeated calls for Newshounds to apologize to Geraldo for this comment. And yet, as we publish this many hours later, Ellen Brodsky has refused to apologize, and (as of 11:30 pm this date 4:20 pm July 17) the offensive comment has not been removed. The only response from Brodsky has been to dissemble, distract, and lie. She wrote the article that triggered the anti-Semitic Hitler smear of Geraldo. The comment was approved for publication. A half day has passed and she has refused to remove it. She won’t even disagree with it, let alone have the decency to apologize to Geraldo Rivera.

Just how many more Jews should Hitler have killed to satisfy the hateful anti-Semitism Ellen Brodsky is protecting? Why hasn’t she apologized to Geraldo Rivera? Why don’t you ask her?

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