Brodsky's Barbies

Newshound Ellen Brodsky is crusading against those dastardly sexists at Fox News. But there’s a catch.

In her never-ending struggle to fight sexism, Ellen Brodsky, as Queen Bee of the newshounds, must have her hands full. Even so she did find time to attack Erick Erickson. For something he said on Fox News? Well, no. Something he wrote on the Fox News website then? Um, not that either.

Give up? It was something he said in a tweet! If you get the idea that Brodsky is scraping the bottom of the smear barrel, then you get the idea. But this was the best Media Matters attack she could find to parrot, so…
Erick Erickson just can't or won't stop making sexist comments - and Fox News doesn't seem to care. Today's example, Erickson's tweet in which he referred to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, a heroine to the pro-choice movement for her epic filibuster of a Texas anti-abortion bill, as "abortion Barbie.”
Wow, that is pretty vicious stuff, so naturally Brodsky turns up the temperature:
So you have to wonder, is there any sexist comment that Fox will deem too offensive to keep Erickson in its stable of pundits?
But there’s a catch, and we’ll bet you saw it coming. If calling women ‘Barbie’ is sexist, then why does Ellen Brodsky hire writers who call women ‘Barbie’? To wit:
Ken and Barbie, Douglas and Megyn, had a pleasant chat…
• I didn't get to hear Caribou Barbie deliver whatever message someone wrote on her hand for her.
• The territory of Barbie and Ken, Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer…
• John McCain, with Cindy over his shoulder as Heiress Barbie
You have to wonder, is there any sexist comment that Ellen Brodsky will deem too offensive to keep these writers in her stable of Fox haters? And those are just from her hand-picked staff. For more of Brodsky’s ‘Barbies’, just turn to the comment threads, where the misogyny and sexism is so thick you can cut it with a knife:

Hey Sharia Ellen, tell us again how referring to women as Barbie is a firing offense, and then explain what’s taking you so long to fire Alex and Priscilla. Or why, given all the genuinely hateful comments you approve for publication, you haven’t found a way to fire yourself.
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