Fake News for the Chronically Credulous

Jon Stewart, move over. Your "fake news" can't compare to the falsifications and forgeries of the Outfoxed gals.

The Daily Show is famous for presenting "fake news". But it is on the Comedy channel, so people know what to expect. It's another story entirely when people who claim to be serious serve up counterfeit communications to the credulous. If you think this is somehow going to involve the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob), you go to the head of the class.

Fake news is not exactly unexpected from the premier Fox haters. The mongrels have been way ahead of the mainstream media in reporting on George W Bush's cocaine conviction and the child rape videos from Abu Ghraib. So far ahead that to this day these scoops have yet to appear! Then there was their impassioned outrage over the unfair treatment of Sandy Berger:
Any Fox watcher knows that Fox loved the first part of this story - the part where Sandy Berger was accused of removing documents. Still, we aren't hearing much, if anything, about this second part - the part where Berger's vindicated. COMMENT: I just thought I'd update the blog with this bit of news. Otherwise, some people might never hear about it. In my opinion, Sandy Berger deserves a big apology from the US media. The press loves the scandal, but there's rarely much follow-up when a story falls flat on its face.

And the kennel-dwellers chimed in:
  • Why have we not heard from the "knowledgeable" Fox apologists the reason for the revelation at this time, i.e., right before the Dem. convention?
  • Berger is innocent of any wrongdoing.... Berger will not be indicted, although with the Bush White House, there is always the possibility they may want him to plead guilty to being "a known associate of Bill Clinton."

The newspoodles were certainly a step ahead of the news cycle with their "scoop" that Berger had been cleared. Unfortunately, Sandy Berger was later charged and went on to plead guilty, admitting that he deliberately took the documents and lied about it. That was then, this is now. The befuddled bowsers have yet another ahead-of-its-time headline:
Karl Rove indicted on perjury, lying to investigators

According to the curs, Rove's attorneys were served with the indictment on Friday, and Rove was given "24 hours to get his affairs in order". And, don't you know, it's another Fox CoverUp:
I was sent an email alert at 4:11pm EDT. As of 6:51pm EDT FOXNews.com has nothing on the story (unless it's buried somewhere - I only checked for headlines. This is huge.)

Naturally, the newsmutts who fancy themselves watchdogs of irresponsible reporting have the most authoritative source for this bulletin: truthout.org's Jason Leopold. Yes, the same Jason Leopold who is an admitted drug addict and mental patient, who was fired by the Los Angeles Times, and dumped by Salon.com. The same guy who fearlessly reported a month ago that Rove had received a "target letter" from the Special Prosecutor. This would have been a World Exclusive, except for the fact that Rove had received no such letter. (Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post can fill you in on Leopold's credibility.)

None of this matters to newsmutt chrish:
Jason Leopold is an investigative reporter, not a mainstream stenographer. I have faith that he would not risk his professional reputation and that of Truthout.org by carelessly making an announcement of this magnitude. The mainstream media has fallen flat on its face on this - big time.

The clock is ticking. Rove was given 24 hours on Friday, yet here it is Sunday. Not a word about him being indicted. Nothing about his arrest and arraignment. And even the kennel-dwellers are starting to backpedal:
  • The indictment probably wont [sic] come until monday...
  • Fitzgerald has had the goods on Rove for MONTHS. All the waiting is just to make him sweat.

Um, if the indictment hasn't come yet, and Fitzgerald is waiting, doesn't that make the newshound story...wrong? Maybe Rove will be indicted Monday, or next month. Yet the newspooch report says it already happened! Isn't that "fake news"?

But when fake news isn't enough, how about using forgery to publish fraudulent posts? The anti-Fox terriers have got that covered too:
Fox News got beat pretty badly Friday (May 5, 2006) on the story of Porter Goss's resignation as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. CNN reported early this afternoon that Goss had submitted his resignation to George Bush. News Hounds' Janie had an entry up at 1:21 p.m. ET referencing CNN's story. Yet the dynamic duo on "Dayside" -- Juliet Huddy and Brian Kilmeade -- didn't get around to breaking the news to Fox News viewers until 1:48 p.m. What's the matter? Did Johnny Dollar quit? Couldn't any of the people whom Fox News pays to read our blog bother to drop an email to John Moody to let him know what was going on in the world?... Did Scott McClellan forget to call Fox News with the scoop? Was this McClellan's parting shot to Fox News, the home of his successor Tony Snow? And starting Monday, when Snow takes over, will Fox be the first to know? Stay tuned. If nothing else, Snow will certainly appreciate how much adult supervision this news channel needs when handling real news.

Unfortunately, the entire article is based on a lie. As CNN's own transcript shows, they did not report this story at 1:21, or 1:31, or even 1:41:

CAROL LIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Tony, we just got this in, literally a second ago. I'm learning that Porter Goss, the director of the CIA, is resigning. I don't have any other information other than that. But we are working the story hard. So Tony, I'm going to throw it back to you right now, and I'm going to get back to you as soon as I know anything more.
HARRIS: OK, appreciate it. Once again, we're going to get that official announcement. Carol Lin bringing that news to you to us. But at 1:45 -- oh, just a couple of minutes ago, we understand that the announcement was made. It was on tape. It wasn't live. We promise to you live, but it learned that it was going to be on tape. As soon as we get that tape into our possession here at CNN, we will bring that to you, that information that Carol Lin just reported, that Porter Goss is now resigning as CIA director.

In fact, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC all had this story within 60 seconds of each other. So how could the newsliars possibly claim that they posted on CNN's report at 1:21 pm, 26 minutes before CNN made any such report? One way is to forge the time stamp to make it read earlier than when it was really posted.

When commenter "truthteller" exposed their deceit, the article got a stealth rewrite, with some double-talk inserted to explain away the phony time stamp. The new version also changed the alleged posting time from 1:21 to 1:44, which would have made Fox all of four minutes "late". Unfortunately, CNN says it was 1:47, so the newspups' chronology is still phony. And while the newsyorkies removed the incriminating time stamp from the site, we preserved the proof of their forgery:

Caught again. Faking news, forging documents, lying about Fox...these stray dogs just can't stick to the truth.

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