'It's Almost as if Susan Rice Was Writing His Briefs'

J$P Instant Transcript! Mansoor Ijaz analyzes the Bin Laden video.

From Fox & Friends, November 1 2004:

STEVE DOOCY [FOX NEWS]: In London, we are joined by Fox News Foreign Affairs Analyst, Mansoor Ijaz. Hello, Mansoor.


DOOCY: All right, what is Bin Laden saying in this videotape, other than I’m alive, and you didn’t kill me yet?

IJAZ: I think that he essentially, Steve, tried to come in and intimidate the American voters into letting them think that his presence is still one that is relevant and that Al Qaeda still poses a threat to the United States. No, there’s no question that Al Qaeda poses a long-term threat, but I don’t think there’s any near-term threat of their being able to pull off another 9/11 style attack. And so in that context, what he was really trying to do is say, all right, if I intimidate the American voters because I can’t pull an attack off on American soil, and John Kerry wins, then I’ve changed an election cycle again the same way that they did in Spain. And if George Bush wins, then essentially he gets, he still has his cake and he can eat it too. Because in that circumstance the vitriol, if you will, that these guys are surviving on today, meaning the rift between America and the rest of the world over Iraq or whatever it might be, that would essentially allow them to continue to fuel their jihadist fires and keep those people in place.

E.D. HILL [FOX NEWS]: But for Americans, isn’t the gist of this, they couldn’t pull something off? I mean, is there a question in your mind that if Bin Laden had been able to have an Al Qaeda attack in the United States, he would have chosen a videotape over an attack?

IJAZ: Yeah, they would never have come out on videotape, they would have never warned us in advance, that’s just not the way they operate.

HILL: So if they could have pulled something off, they would have.

IJAZ: Absolutely right. And that’s why I’ve been saying for such a long time, it’s almost a year now that I’ve said they don’t have the infrastructure, they don’t have the capacity, and they don’t have the ability to pull that off on US soil.

BRIAN KILMEADE [FOX NEWS]: Right. But whatever cave Bin Laden’s in, he’s tapped in. He knows exactly what’s going on, he knows exactly the election cycle. He knows the news, and he also, according to some, mimics John Kerry’s mantra, which is he always says the President’s not being straight with the American people. And Bin Laden says, four years later the President’s still deceiving you.

IJAZ: It’s very strange, you’re exactly right, Brian. This man was remarkably well informed. It’s almost as if Susan Rice was writing his briefs instead of her own briefs where she doesn’t even know who the terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi is in Iraq. There’s not question in my mind that Bin Laden is extremely well informed. I don’t think he’s hiding in any cave at all. I think he’s probably in a metropolitan area somewhere, and the fact that he’s got the capacity to move around should be of great concern to the US government. And that is where Bush II, if I may put it that way, if that happens tomorrow, ought to be just jumping all over this thing and putting this guy out of everybody’s misery as quickly as we possibly can. We cannot allow Bin Laden to create the appearance that he is a messianic figure who can impact elections in Democratic states, change governments in the Arab states, and things of that nature. This cannot happen under any circumstances.

DOOCY: Hey Mansoor, the Middle-East Media Research Institute translated it, and part of his diatribe made it sound as if there was a specific reference to any state, any particular state that votes for Bush, would be considered an enemy. Do you really think that’s what he meant?

IJAZ: Look, I think what he’s trying to do is parse words to the extent that he makes the threat very specific, in the sense that he’s basically saying if you are a supporter of those people that we believe are killing innocent Muslims everywhere, those are the people that we’re going to go after. This is in fact what he’s done, is he’s refined his concept of jihad now, to make it specific, one on one, to sort of make a direct correlation between the people who are killing the people he perceives are wrong, and the ones that he wants to kill in turn.

DOOCY: All right, well I see by Big Ben over your soldier it’s time to go. Mansoor Ijaz, live in London, we thank you very much for joining us.

IJAZ: Good to be with you guys.

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