'I'm Just Going to Keep Calling You Racists'

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From Hannity and Colmes, Nov 17 2004:

SEAN HANNITY [FOX NEWS]: It only took a couple of days, but hateful liberals are already taking cheap shots at the President’s nominee for Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. Take a look at this cartoon by Pat Oliphant that appears to portray Dr Rice as a parrot, squawking responses to President Bush. And then there’s this Doonesbury cartoon in which President Bush seems to refer to Dr Rice as “brown sugar”. And some conservatives say that this cartoon by James Danzinger is racist. In it, Dr Rice is shown sitting in a rocking chair, feeding aluminum tubes with a bottle. The caption says “I don’t know nuthin’ about aluminum tubes”. And that’s just a few of them. So where’s the outrage? Would liberals be screaming if conservatives portrayed a liberal in the same light? Joining us now, author of the best-selling book How to Talk to a Liberal, but only if you must, Ann Coulter’s with us. And former Mondale campaign manager and Fox News political analyst, Bob Beckel is with us. Welcome to you both. Bob, I think you’re a pretty intellectually honest liberal. I think you’re going to look at those cartoons the way I look at them, some of them overtly racist, discriminatory, and at the very least mean spirited. Your thoughts?

BOB BECKEL [DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST]: Yeah, well the brown sugar one goes way too far. But let me just say something here for a second, Sean. You and Ann, the stuff that was done against Bill Clinton by these cartoonists on the other side, you guys have got to learn how to take it. Ease up a little bit. The fact is that Condoleeza Rice is a yes woman, a parrot, for George Bush. That’s why he put her at the State Department. This woman oversaw a failed war, and she should be Secretary of State? I mean, a few cartoons, what’s the big deal?

HANNITY: You know something Bob, it’s not that. They’re racist. They’re mean-spirited.

BECKEL: The one, I agree.

HANNITY: No no no, Bob, I’m losing respect for you Bob. You know what? She’s a woman that shares his vision. One of the things that bothers me, here is a woman that grew up and around the corner from her house when she’s three years old, she grows up in the segregated South in Alabama, a bomb blows up a church and a couple of her friends. This woman rises to the height of power and you diminish her. You refer to her in such condescending ways, arrogant ways. Why you being so mean spirited, Bob?

BECKEL: Sean, wait, wait, first of all, first of all, I’m really, yes or no, I’ve, you’re losing respect for me because I happen to look at cartoons--

HANNITY: A parrot squawking? Yeah, as in you agree with that? That’s pretty mean spirited, Bob.

BECKEL: Yes, because, well, did I lose, did I lose respect for you when Bill Clinton was impeached in the middle of a war and you thought it was a good idea? Did I lose respect for you when Bill Clinton was brought through the dirt, and John Kerry was too by that ridiculous liar O’Neill? I mean, come on, Sean.

HANNITY: You know something, you keep up, you keep up your hate, Bob, and you will continue to lose every--

BECKEL: Sean, what--

HANNITY: No no, let me finish, you’ll lose every election out there. Ann Coulter, this, what they’re doing, this racism, overt racism, this condescension, and this arrogance, maybe I should celebrate, but it’s pretty mean towards Condoleeza Rice.

ANN COULTER [AUTHOR]: Yeah, liberals certainly do have their issues with black women. I notice that they’ve been describing George Bush as an empty vessel, an empty suit, he’s the brain of Karl Rove, or he’s being directed by Dick Cheney. But when it comes to Condoleeza Rice, oh, the dummy is somehow directing Condoleeza Rice now.

HANNITY: But if a conservative said anything similar about an African-American woman, Ann, what would the reaction be?

COULTER: But of course we wouldn’t, and of course they always do. And speaking of the Clinton administration, let’s see, who was the black female closest to Bill Clinton? Oh, that’s Betty Currie, his secretary. Now we have the first black female Secretary of State. Do you remember all of the nonsense we heard about Madeline Albright, Madeline Albright, oh the first woman Secretary of State, oh the [unintelligible]. I haven’t heard anyone comment on what is apparently the--

ALAN COLMES [FOX NEWS]: Let me go to Bob Beckel here. Let me go to Bob Beckel for just a second.

BECKEL: I just want to say, Ann Coulter, I like you but you are the ultimate of condescenders. You’ve made a living out of beating up on liberals, not fairly in most cases. You wouldn’t know what to do without Bill Clinton. You wouldn’t know what to do with liberals. What would you write about, cooking?

COLMES: Let me jump in here, Ann, first of all, the folks in Little Rock, Ann, want to--

COULTER: I don’t know why you keep talking about Bill Clinton when your party, I mean I understand why you’d like to change the subject but your party is being unbelievably racist and condescending about a black woman.

COLMES: I don’t know if you can hear me or not, Ann, but I’ve got to get a question here.

BECKEL: I try to listen to both sides here, and then Sean who’s a friend of mine for a long time says he’s losing respect for me because I agree with one cartoon?

COLMES: Ann, I’ve got to jump in here Ann. I don’t know if you can hear me or not--

COULTER: Yes I can.

COLMES: --but the Clintons are very upset that you’re not in Little Rock to celebrate.

COULTER: I’m sorry too, because I wanted to start the alternative Clinton museum.

COLMES: I’d like to know one time, it’s amazing how thin skinned you act. I will agree with Bob that I think one of these cartoons is racist, and I think the one’s that racist is the one where they have her saying “nuthin’” and not talking proper English. That to me reeks of racism. The others I don’t think are racist--

HANNITY: Brown sugar?

COLMES: --and you make fun of people, and you guys have often done it to Clinton, and you’ve done it to Democrats. When, Ann have you ever been up in arms about negative things that were said about a Democrat because you love to do that yourself?

COULTER: I think the point, for one thing, goes well beyond these cartoons. What we keep hearing about on tv is, oh, is she really the most--

BECKEL: Ann, answer his question for once.

COULTER: Bob, Bob, I’m not going to have--

COLMES: When have you ever been up in arms? Name one time when you’ve had the same level of standard here, when have you had the same standard for a Democrat? Tell me when that’s happened?

COULTER: We keep hearing liberals complain about these shoutfests, and I would like to answer.

BECKEL: Answer the question, sweetie. Answer it please.

HANNITY: Hey guys, let her answer, let her answer.

BECKEL: All right, answer directly his question.

COULTER: All right, flashing back ten minutes ago to when the question was directed to me, Bob--

BECKEL: Yes, ma’am.

COULTER: --the question goes far beyond what we’re talking about here, these cartoons--

COLMES: Name one time, Ann, when you’ve actually had this kind of reaction to a negative comment about a Democrat.


COULTER: --these cartoons, as I’m trying to say, what we keep seeing on tv--

BECKEL: What are you cutting him off for? You guys ask us these questions all the time, Sean.

HANNITY: All right, hang on, can we let--

COULTER: I really want to get this answer out. I really want to get this answer out, it’s a good answer.

BECKEL: Yes or no, Sean, did you ever defend Bill Clinton? Yes or no, Sean, did you ever defend Bill Clinton?

HANNITY: --guys, guys, you guys aren’t here, well let’s let Ann answer. Bob, Bob, let her answer please. All right Ann, go ahead.

BECKEL: I want you to answer that too, and she hasn’t answered it yet.

HANNITY: Bob, let her answer Bob.

BECKEL: OK, let’s do that.

COULTER: I can understand why you are so terrified of let us point out what racists the Democrats are and how they have a big problem with black women--

BECKEL: You better be damn careful about using that word. I’ll tell you something, I worked in the civil rights movement, and I was in the freedom marches, when you were sitting in your little schools up in New England.

COULTER: Sean, stop him.

HANNITY: Hey, Bob, Bob, Bob--

COULTER: I keep trying to get to this--

BECKEL: So don’t start with me about that. Ann, you just crossed the line. Do not call us racists.

COULTER: Oh, blah blah blah blah blah.

COLMES: Let me go to Bob Beckel. Hold on guys, hold on. Let me go to Bob Beckel.

COULTER: No, we haven’t gone to Ann Coulter yet. We haven’t gone to Ann Coulter yet.

COLMES: That is a problem, hold on Ann one second, Bob, here, Ann hold on a second, the problem here--

COULTER: The answer is it goes beyond the cartoons--

COLMES: Bob Beckel--

COULTER: --it goes to the fact that it is Condoleeza Rice who keeps being attacked for not being the most qualified person for the job. As I note Clarence Thomas was. No one ever said that about Warren Christopher. What were his qualifications for the job? He was some hack lawyer, he was--

COLMES: I got to get Bob Beckel in here--

COULTER: Stop him, Sean. I can’t finish a sentence. No I’m just going to keep calling you racists all the way through their talking. They’re not going to cut my mic--

COLMES: --the problem is there is nothing but attack, attack, attack. They love to attack Democrats. Ann Coulter is attacker number one. When Clinton was President they had him with the bulbous nose in cartoons. The problem of the matter is they don’t have, they have a double standard, they don’t have the same standards for us Democrats and they refuse to see it that way.

COULTER: --I’m just going to keep talking. [unintelligible] They can’t hear me. Let’s have our own conversation. Let’s talk about the election. Wasn’t it a great election?

BECKEL: Ann, can you let this man finish for once? Ann, I want to say one thing to you.

COULTER: No I’m not going to let you talk either. If you won’t let me talk I’m just going to keep talking. You are racists. You do the same thing with Clarence Thomas--

BECKEL: If you want to try to find some decent dialogue, and I think that’s something we ought to think about doing here, you start throwing the word, would you be quiet just for one second, would that be all right?

HANNITY: Tell you what, we’ve got to take a break, we--

COULTER: --the big problem, along with that flamboyant Clarke--

BECKEL: Wait a second, could you listen for once in your life, Coulter? Just once?

COULTER: --no I won’t because you wont let me talk.

HANNITY: All right, Bob, Bob--

BECKEL: I want you to tell me Ann, will you please apologize for calling me a racist--

COULTER: Either you fix the mics on this program or you’re not going to be heard either.

BECKEL: --because I’ve got scars on the back of my head from Greensboro lunch counters and you’ve never done a thing in your life.

COULTER: Racist, racist, racist, I don’t want people to hear anything you’re saying because they couldn’t hear what I was saying about Warren Christopher and I’m very [unintelligible] about that.

BECKEL: Will you, are you going to apologize for that comment? Of course you won’t.

COULTER: You’ve got to deal with the mics.

HANNITY: All right, we’ll take a break, we’re going to come back, we’ll go back to our mutual corners, we’ll regroup and we’ll come back and take this up in just a minute....

QuickTime video clip:

[commercial break]

COLMES: ...We want to make sure everybody gets heard in this segment, and Ann I want to go back to you and give you an opportunity to clarify your statement. Because you certainly don’t believe that all Democrats are racists, or all Democrats are traitors. You say these things, and when confronted on them, I want to give you the opportunity to clarify that statement, because you are all upset about these cartoons, and you write books calling Democrats traitors, and you used the word racist in the last segment. Let’s clarify that.

COULTER: You keep talking about these cartoons. I’d only seen one of them before this program tonight. As I said, I think liberals have a problem with blacks. They have a little race issue going on here. It’s often said that blacks feel like they have to be twice as good as whites for the same position. But when it comes to blacks working for a Republican administration, that’s true--they have to be 10 times as good or they have their credentials questioned. And really, is Condoleeza just a puppet for Bush?

COLMES: You think liberals have a problem with blacks? You think liberals have a problem with blacks? You want to make that statement in a vacuum.

COULTER: Yeah, I think, I think we have--no, I think I’ve given a few examples and I’ll give more. There’s Clarence Thomas who was constantly made fun of, oh, was he the most qualified one for the job? I don’t remember anybody ever asking that of Justice William Brennan or Suiter. And we have Condoleeza Rice. Nobody ever said anything about Warren Christopher.

COLMES: Bob Beckel, let me give Bob Beckel a chance to respond here. Go ahead, Bob.

BECKEL: Let me first say something here for the sake of this. Ann, I find it, my faith says to forgive you and I will here. But I really wish you would think about the words you used, because they’re very painful. You all invoke God, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. You know what? In the Bible it says we’re to care for one another, we’re to take care of those who are the meek and the poor, we’re to lift them up, we’re to forgive our enemies, we’re to turn the other cheek. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where the Lord ever said that the Lord would come down on the side of, as Pat Robertson said, on the side of George Bush. The truth of the matter is that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and frankly Ann you, are taking some of the most incredibly important symbols to us, God, race, and what you’re doing, and what Robertson--I’ll say this not about you but about Robertson--he is a con man, and he has prostituted himself. He does not know the Scriptures and he has abandoned his love for the Lord Jesus Christ to love secular things.

COULTER: I notice you’re talking about everything but the topic tonight, which is Condoleeza Rice.

BECKEL: Ann, Ann, with all due respect, I’m trying to be calm here, you never answer a question.

COULTER: Why might that be? Why won’t they talk about Condoleeza Rice?

BECKEL: Ann, you never answer a question, and you can’t stand it when somebody stands up to you.

HANNITY: All right, let me, let me, Bob, Bob, you’ve had your turn, Bob, Bob, first of all, when Pat Robertson is here, you can talk to Pat. Please don’t take cheap shots at people when they’re not here. But let me go to Ann--

BECKEL: Wait a second, wait--Sean--

HANNITY: It’s a cheap shot. Bob, it’s a cheap shot. If you want to debate him you can do that.

COULTER: It’s also off the topic.

BECKEL: I have debated him. It’s not off the topic.

HANNITY: But let me go to Ann, let me go to Ann, let me give Ann a chance to respond to what you’ve just heard. Go ahead.

COULTER: I notice these liberals want to talk about anything under the sun, Bill Clinton, Pat Robertson, but not liberal attacks on Condoleeza Rice. Dick Clarke, the flamboyant opponent of the Bush administration, came out with a book earlier this year claiming that Condoleeza Rice, when he talked to her about Al Qaeda, her face showed that she was perplexed, as if she had never heard of Al Qaeda before. Can you imagine somebody saying that about Wolfowitz?

HANNITY: We found a tape of it.

COULTER: No, but this is, liberals have, that’s my fourth example now of liberals having a problem with blacks. Having a little bit of a race issue when you have blacks working for a Republican administration.

BECKEL: Ann, Ann, that is so outrageous.

COULTER: And I notice that you will talk about anything but Condoleeza Rice and the attacks on Condoleeza Rice.

BECKEL: Ann, Ann, could you please just for one minute. I know you usually overwhelm people, but you’re not going to overwhelm me. I have no problem with her because she’s black. I have a problem with her because I don’t think she’s up to the job.

COULTER: Oh, unlike Warren Christopher.

BECKEL: Do not begin to say that people like me are racists when I spent a lot of time out in the vineyards in the civil rights movement. I don’t think you could cite one credential where you have.

COULTER: And you listen to jazz.

BECKEL: And you’ve got to be careful here, Ann. You always overwhelm people, but I’ll tell you something, you’ve met your match. You are not--and by the way, Sean, you say about Robertson that I impugn him? I’ve done this to his face. You impugned me, Sean, by saying you lost respect for me--

HANNITY: You do, you do it--

BECKEL: --when I said at the front end I disagree with those cartoons.

HANNITY: --I lost respect because, I’ll tell you why--

COULTER: Wait a second, did you have any problems with Madeline Albright and her credentials? How about Warren Christopher?

HANNITY: --Hang on a second, hang on, wait, wait a minute. Bob, here’s the point. These cartoons, Bob, are racist. They are hate--

BECKEL: I said that, Sean. I said that.

HANNITY: Wait a minute, wait, let me finish. Listen. They are hateful, they are mean spirited, and they are racist. And when I gave you an opportunity to condemn them, you used some of the same words, Bob, and frankly that’s disappointing to me. You ought to condemn these cartoons, and you ought to condemn the papers that print them.

BECKEL: Wait a minute. Sean, I did condemn the cartoon. Sean, do you want to look at your own videotape here? Yes or no? Did I not condemn that cartoon? I did.

HANNITY: You condemned one, only one, only one, not the rest of them.

BECKEL: The rest of them I don’t think are problems. I think compared to what was done to Bill Clinton I don’t think--

HANNITY: Compared to.

BECKEL: --or to John Kerry--

COULTER: Pat Robertson.

BECKEL: --they’re in the same ballpark. But when you start to dig up things like race, and start calling people traitor and racist, which is frankly, Ann, how you’ve made your living--

HANNITY: I didn’t call anybody a traitor, I didn’t call anybody a racist, Bob.

COULTER: You can’t stick to the subject.

BECKEL: --that is the worst muckraking.

HANNITY: I didn’t call anybody a traitor or a racist.

BECKEL: I didn’t say you, Sean.

HANNITY: I said it’s disappointing that liberals don’t condemn what is obviously racist and if a conservative ever put out they would have condemned, Bob. That’s the point.

BECKEL: Conservatives do put out some of this stuff.

COULTER: His point was to me. Could I say, could I say OK, let’s move on to the cartoons--

BECKEL: Just remember Jesse Helms. Jesse Helms suppressed the vote by telling blacks they would be arrested.

COULTER: --if Condoleeza Rice isn’t qualified--

BECKEL: You want to move on? You said you didn’t want to move on, Ann. Ann, you ain’t gonna--

COLMES: All right, Bob, Ann, we got to go, we got to run, we got to go, we thank you both. I’m sure we will continue this another time. We thank you both for being with us tonight.

Update: The references to religion from Bob Beckel have left some readers wondering what that was all about. This may help explain it.

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