'It's Not Your Daughter'

J$P Video! Sean Hannity and Jim Moran take off the gloves.

From Hannity and Colmes, March 23 2005:

Sean Hannity cross-examines Rep Jim Moran (D-VA) about his Schiavo vote [QuickTime video clip; allow time for file to load]:

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oops. i didn't read the rules. my apologies. 
i'll say it again, though...hannity's shameless broadcasting from the hospice was unbelievable. did he not have any sympathy for the 70+ other people residing within the same walls as ms. schiavo? does he think tom deLay "murdered" his father way back when as well?
the hypocicy is astounding sometimes.
why don't you post the audio-link of hannity calling moran an a-hole after the interview?
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johnny dollar
Why? It's all over the internet. There are links to it on dozens of sites. We try to post stuff here that you don't get elsewhere.
You apology is accepted for the rules violation, but that offending message was deleted anyhow.
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