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J$P Video! Who's telling the truth: Geraldo Rivera or the New York Times? See the video for yourself! Updated!

As the controversy between Fox's Geraldo Rivera and Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times heats up, watch what happened for yourself. This is a montage showing all relevant footage of Geraldo's rescues from the home for retired nuns. Note: the segment the Times now claims was the basis for their report is the footage with the wheelchair going down the front porch stairs. Updated to include the full-length unedited video as run on The O'Reilly Factor on September 8 2005. [QuickTime video; allow file time to load]:

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OK I read the comments in the other thread, in the helo shot GERALDO is the one who stepped off camera, not the Airman. And ALL THREE of them helped lift the woman into the helo. Nobody pushed anybody in either video. I am not a fan of Geraldo, but this is just stupid. He does enough that merits legitimate criticism, why anyone is wasting time on this stupid quest is beyond me.
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Citizen Grim
I used to loathe Geraldo until the night of the Iraqi elections, he was easily the most informative (and a little overemotional) of any of the journalists covering the story, and he impressed me.
Thats not to say he doesnt make mistakes. A lot.
Like the Michael Jackson interview.
September 8, 2005, 5:55:14 PM EDT – Like – Reply

The Man
Geraldo does give the soldier a pat on the back there at the end.
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I've been burned by the Gray Lady once before, as well...In 2003, there was a blasphemous article published on the front page of the tech section comparing one of my sites,, to a website that encouraged high school students to post sexual rumors about each other anonymously. The reporter never contacted me and the article was riddled with errors and dirty implications. The intention of the story was clearly to incite a lawsuit against my site. Within a few weeks, the NY State teachers union had filed for an injunction against RateMyTeachers --- thankfully, the request was turned down.
The article was disgustingly irresponsible. So, to hear of stories like this is hardly surprising. Thanks for sharing...
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I saw comments on the other page and checked this out because I saw what the other poster saw. It was not this footage of a person being lifted into the chopper but another clip of a woman in a wheelchair. The chair was facing to the front of the chopper with the left side facing the door. One pilot was behind lifting from the handles and the other was bent over to lift from the foot rest. Geraldo pushed the one at the womans feet out of the way and said "I got this". Distinctly remember this because I cringed when I saw it. I do not remember when it aired but it rolled during one of Geraldos live reports, looked bad, really bad.
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johnny dollar
Man, talk about shifting the goal posts. Even the NY Times doesn't claim that it was "some other clip". THey say it was THIS one.
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Peter C.
I saw the original aired tape, exactly as the last poster (TM) said. Geraldo did nudge the other guy out of the way presumably to get a better camera shot. And what about the music they laid into the background? Did anyone else hear the sappy music? Thats what really threw me! Look, I think this whole thing is ridiculous, what is really sick is how Geraldo and O'reilly tried to defend it by showing an edited version of the tape, like this one you see here.
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I don't read the Times or care what they say about what was seen or when. Only knew about the Times article from watching O'reilly, don't know what you mean by "shifting goal posts". Just saying what I saw. Was surprised to see O'reilly defending Geraldo because I saw the clip.
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johnny dollar
You seem to be overlooking the fact that the Times claim THIS is the clip they were talking about--specifically the part where they go down the front porch stairs. That was hardly "edited".
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Is the issue that footage of Geraldo pushing a rescuer out of the way while the retired nuns were being rescued was aired, or that this clip doesn't show him doing it? No accusation of edited tape from me, this was not the segment of tape I saw it on.
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johnny dollar
The Times claimed it was aired, and said it was this piece of tape that showed it.
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It sounds like these two saw something else, and repeating what The Times said doesn't change that. Even your repititions don't directly respond to their point, which is the possibility that more footage exists. Also, repeating "The Times says" seems to contradict your position that The Times doesn't know what they're talking about. Maybe they still have their wires crossed. The important question is: Is there more footage?
More important that all this is the testimony of the people who were there. There is much that the camera doesn't show well.
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johnny dollar
Well I'm not aware of any testimony of people who were there that Geraldo was pushing soldiers away to get more camera time. But if there is such testimony, point it out.
This is all starting to become another "fake but accurate" defense, and that doesn't impress me at all.
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Nowhere on this extended footage is the segment that I saw. On the footage I'm referring to, the wheelchair is parallel to the helicopter door (i.e. the side of the wheelchair is facing the door, not the back). The helicopter was also sitting on dry ground, whereas this footage shows a helicopter that has landed in standing water.
The unidentified indidividual and Geraldo lift the wheel chair (or presume to do so since we never see the end) into the helicopter sideways, and no one in the helicopter is assisting at the point the Fox News desk cuts away.
I can't remember exactly what day this was on, but is was over the weekend (Friday to Monday). I remember that later that same day, Geraldo goes to "rescue" an elderly lady from a "flooded" home that doesn't even have any water in it (there is about a foot of water outside her home, but the water never got in her home). The clip I'm referring to was shown earlier the same day.
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Are you kidding me? Are you really attacking Geraldo for helping rescue stranded people from the flood? 
Everyone knows the Times is a joke, there is no disputing that. On the other hand, Geraldo is quite over-dramatic, but at least he is down there helping, to criticize him is just petty. There are plenty of things about him that annoy me, but he has a passion for journalism, don’t fault him for that. Sure, he wants to show people the footage for his show; he is out there in the middle of it all, that IS HIS JOB. He isn't sitting in some posh office, criticizing everyone attempting to help. The Times sickens me. What a bunch of elitist assholes. They are too busy attending cocktail parties to know the truth about what is going on down there.
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i think geraldo is full of it, but he's amusing and he does mean well in this case.
and i think the times is full of it, and they're not amusing and they don't mean well in this case.
maybe the old grey lady should get a new beating heart? =) geraldo is helping people, even if he's being arrogant about it and stuff.
what has the times done to help anyone lately? or...ever? let's turn that chickenhawk argument back on them: if you aren't down there lifting people out of the water and saving them, then shut the hell up already! =)
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J$, you seem to be defending Gerry's apoplectic response to Stanley's characterization of him as a showboat, but when it's brought up that he had done the same thing in another clip, you simply equivocate that GR was referring to this clip. Seems to me that he IS a showboat, so Stanley's characterization was dead even though it may have been in a separate instance. If you need a pattern of behavior indictment on the matter, see the Salon piece from last week where a doctor claimed that Geraldo was doing a second take on bringing a woman to their attention because he didn't get it right the first time.
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johnny dollar
Tismo, you can "bring up" that Geraldo did the same thing "in another clip", but where's the clip? I deliberately put what I thought was the clip the commenter was referring to ahead of the NY Times clip, and the response was, oh not that clip, some other clip. Well, let's see some evidence. I haven't seen any yet. People constantly say they saw or heard something on Fox that never aired; there are dozens of articles on this very site that demonstrate that fact.
As for the Salon article, there are a few problems:
1. It's from Salon.
B. It's second hand hearsay.
III. The reporter had Geraldo and the woman right there and didn't ask either to confirm or deny the story.
4. Salon didn't bother to report Fox's explanation of what happened, but then again, it's Salon, so what would you expect?
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Mystery solved: there is no "other clip."
New York Times Editor Bill Keller just said "it happened just off-camera." 
He then applied the Dan Rather school of journalism deduction that "Frankly, given Mr. Rivera's behavior since Ms. Stanley's review appeared ...Ms. Stanley would have been justified in assuming brute force."
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johnny dollar
Now how exactly does the Times know what happened "just off camera"? Did they have someone hiding in a closet in the nursing home watching it all?
But that's OK, it's now permissible for Times reporters to "assume" things and report them as fact. Now there's real journalism.
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Really love this site. It reminds me of the fox news channel, always trying to prove everybody else is wrong and you are right.(pun intended) what a bunch of quacks ya'll are.
September 13, 2005, 5:54:54 PM EDT – Like – Reply

They don't have to PROVE anything... the facts speak for themselves... its just all the agenda driven liberals can't seem to distinguish fact from hearsay, so FOX has to spell it out for them.
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