'I'm Not Wild About the Idea'

J$P Instant Transcript! Guess who's going to Iraq?

From Geraldo at Large, December 6 2005:

GERALDO RIVERA [FOX NEWS]: With bad news coming out of Iraq like the rat-a-tat of a machine gun, it's very hard to see a silver lining. All we hear about are stories of our young soldiers and marines being killed, and the suicide bombers killing themselves and innocent others, like the dozens wiped out today at the Baghdad Police Academy. But there is another reality over there, however hard it may be to see. Something like democracy is getting started. Next week that battered and bloodied nation will go to the polls to elect a permanent government. And much to the dismay of my wife and family, my team and I are going to report that important development.

It will be my seventh time since the Iraq War began two and a half years ago. And I'm not wild about the idea either. There's no swagger or bravado about war coverage in Iraq. It is probably the most dangerous place in the world for any American. My brother Craig and I almost bought the farm when our convoy was attacked there a year ago. But tens of thousands of our young GIs are stuck over there. And no one has the right to ask them to stay the course in Iraq--as I do--without at least occasionally putting his own ass on the line.

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