'That Soundbite Will Never See the Light of Day'

J$P Video! In the wake of today's Cheney interview, a wry observation on how the media treat Fox News.

From Special Report, February 15 2006:

Mort Kondracke and Brit Hume on the reaction to the exclusive Fox News interview with Vice-President Cheney [QuickTime video clip]:

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Explain to me please what CNN and other media outlets did so differently to what Fox News does? 
Usually when CNN (in particular) get a major scoop or interview, Fox News will only quote the AP as it's source and will not show footage.
I know FNC gets a bad ribbing all the time, but it goes both ways folks. 
I congratulate Fox News on getting the mega exclusive, but they shouldn't be dictating how other news channels should use the sound and footage unless they're prepared to do the same.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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Uncle Sam
AMEN Neil...FNC puts themselves on a pedistal...thinking the real media news outlets owes them something..when they don't. FNC uses its "gets" to put it in the others faces and whines when the others pay no attention. Let's not forget FNC the time you used CNN's LIVE on air picture of the columbia tragedy. Was really funny seeing CNN's anchor on FNC's screen. HA
February 16, 2006, 10:16:39 PM EST – Like – Reply