'Wasn't It Cowardly, Adam?'

J$P Audio! John Gibson asks Adam Kokesh about phony fliers at George Washington University.

From The John Gibson Show, October 10 2007

Gibby talks to Kokesh about his fake fliers:

Link for audio only [mp3]:

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L.N. Smithee
It WAS cowardly, Adam. And intellectually dishonest. Islamofascism exists, and you know it -- you just won't acknowledge its existence because that gets in the way of your efforts to stop others from fighting it. Just because you feel guilty about your acts in warfare won't change the fact that al Qaeda and their wannabes are a threat to the U.S. 
Hopefully, the expulsion that GWU officials said should happen to the perpetrators of the flyers will happen to you. Yet another dishonor heaped upon you by institutions you infiltrate.
October 11, 2007, 3:34:43 AM EDT – Like – Reply

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Title: GWU reacts to Kokesh latest theater
Excerpt: The George Washington University newspaper “The Hatchet“, less than an hour ago has posted their reaction to the Adam Kokesh-led “free speech exercise” on GWU campus last Monday. Anyone hoping that a bit of outrage from students...
Blog name: This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here
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Sahil Manekia
I think Gibson is the real coward here...has he ever fought on the front line? He isn't in a position to judge Kokesh. He doesn't even bother to refute what he's saying except to condemn him for associating with 'far left' groups. Apparently, the fact that he may have different views on other aspect such as tax cuts, or the 2nd amendment is lost in the rush to put him 'out there' (read crazy.)Look-he's got liberal 'cooties'!!!
Hirshi Ali's case is certainly terrible and no right-thinking person could be anything but aghast at what she has experienced. But whats that got to do with having an opinion on what YAF is going to do with its IFAWweek? (Islam btw has no connection with fascism)He certainly did not say that everything in the world of muslim women is hunky dory? And ask America who she is, and most people would have no idea..I fail to understand what, if anything,was attained by that remark.. 
Listen to the interview again..for a reminder, here's what Kokesh did NOT say..
1> Islamic terror/ mistreatment of women does not exist.
2>That he necessarily supports everything ANSWER or other so-called 'far left' groups support. (
3>That he believes talking about islamic mistreatment of women is wrong
4> That he believes al-qaeda etc are no threat to the US.
5>That war is never justified
Furthermore satire is part and parcel of politics- if it is ok for conservative groups like ProtestWarrior to create signs spoofing leftish organisations, it is ok for the left to do the same. Kokesh pushed the envelope a bit, which is unfortunate, but certainly not cowardly.
October 13, 2007, 3:54:59 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Account for the 5 Billion or so women who have lived as second class citizens in Muslim Countries over the past thousand years. Until that time. Shut up.
October 16, 2007, 12:21:39 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Vince P
Being a Muslim must drive a human being insane. Can you imagine having to live in denial about the catastrophe your religion brings with it everywhere it goes. Having to pretend that YOU'RE the victim while you victimize everyone else.. etc..
October 16, 2007, 11:00:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply