'A Spineless Ad by a Spineless Politician'

J$P Video! The A-List critiques a controversial ad from a Presidential contender.

From The Live Desk, November 14 2007:

The topic was the new immigration ad from Tom Tancredo; panelists include Bob Beckel, Dr Keith Ablow, Angela McGlowan, and Andrew Levy:

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Good catch Johnny lad...
Only a fool (Dems & libtards) think this ad is about trying link wetbacks and terrorist towel heads...
CS Monitor - March 22, 2005 
US-Mexican border as a terror risk
Furthermore, in a Feb. 16 Senate hearing, Mr. Mueller cited the case of Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, who paid to be smuggled across the US-Mexico border in 2001. He pleaded guilty on March 1 to providing material support to Hizbullah and was sentenced to no more than five years in prison.
The most recent sign, though, that terrorists may be thinking of entering the US from the south came from the mastermind of many of the terror attacks in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Last week, US officials revealed that Mr. Zarqawi may be planning to broaden his campaign to include strikes in the US - and suggested it would be easy to infiltrate the US through the southern border.
Of the 44,000 OTMs who entered the US last year, it is not known how many were detained and how many remain free. Members of Congress are continuing to lean on government officials, asking for clear assessments of numbers as well as policies intended to thwart the entry of those who would harm the US.
(there is more)
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dr. ablow... moron. andy levy, moron... bob beckel, naturally, a moron.
look at andy levy and his gay hair... "don't link the two"
.... uhh shutup levy. no one needs you to feel sorry for 'em you condescending idiot. mexico to usa seems like one good way to get into the country. idiot.
then ya got ablow, whoa nelly.... "you arent likely to die terrorism, its better to watch your diet...." damn what a moron.
maybe i shouldnt even care about 9-11 cuz after all they missed ME. idiot. wrong question for this idiot. is he a psychiatrist? thats it?! a BULL!@$% profession... truly. shouldnt we all study human thought? no its reserved for ablow... only he understands how humans think. 
beckel is just a liberal... so naturally hes clueless.
martha actually (finally, barely) poses the obvious question everyone wants asked... woot.
as far as tancredo's ad... funny as hell. i love the gunshot ringing out at end. anyone offended by this is a self important douche, or some whiny illegal.
i say we annex mexico and solve a lot of problems... oh no their corrupt politicians want to hoard the oil there. o well.
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Lovin' some Levy
I personally would love to jump Andy Levy and I watch "Red Eye" just for him!!! I love his hair too!! =)
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