'This Could Be It for Hillary'

J$P Instant Transcript! Dick Morris connects the dots between a Kennedy relative turned stoolie and the Junior Senator from New York.

From Hannity and Colmes, April 22 2005:

ALAN COLMES [FOX NEWS]: A bizarre tale of political intrigue. According to reports in the New York Sun, the New York Post, and New Orleans Times-Picayune, this man named Raymond Reggie has been operating as an informant for the FBI inside Democratic political circles for three years. According to reports, Reggie could testify against former Hillary Clinton fundraiser David Rosen, who's been indicted in connection with some questionable fundraising accounting during the 2000 campaign. Now here's the kicker: Reggie is the brother-in-law of Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. The Senator is married to Reggie's sister. So what's going on here? Joining us now, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris. Dick, are you going to suggest there's some, that Hillary is somehow in this loop and is corrupt because of what is going on here? Can you tie this together for us?

DICK MORRIS: You took my words out of my mouth, Alan.

COLMES: Right. Amazing.

MORRIS: Look, I've said this before. I've probably said this a dozen times before. And I've been wrong 11 times. But this could be it for Hillary.

COLMES: Uh-huh.

MORRIS: Because Rosen clearly understated the cost of the fundraiser. That much is just documentary. He said it cost 400 and it cost 1.2 million. That little "accounting mistake" gave the Hillary Clinton campaign about half a million dollars of extra hard money that they otherwise wouldn't have. And they were hard up for hard money, because Lazio had gotten her to sign an agreement saying they would not take soft money in the campaign. Now what the Reggie tapes may do, Reggie tapes may do, is that they may establish even more clearly that Rosen knew that he was underestimating the cost of the event, although the documentary evidence pretty well suggests that. And then Rosen is probably going to jail as a result of that. And the question for David Rosen, and if he's watching now let me ask you, are you going to follow Web Hubbell and Susan McDougal to jail for Hillary Clinton? And let me tell you something. If you do, it's not worth it. And they're not even going to visit you.

COLMES: All right, but the question is, Dick, is Hillary Clinton in on it? Was she aware that somebody may have underestimated the cost of the event to have more money for the campaign?

MORRIS: Alan, there's no way on earth--

COLMES: And no one, she's not the focus of the investigation as of now, correct?

MORRIS: Well, no, but Peter Paul reports that the FBI, who produced the event, reports that the FBI continues to question very aggressively about Hillary Clinton. Look, there's no way on God's green earth that Hillary Clinton didn't know about the cost of this fundraiser being understated. This was a $500,000 hard money decision. Her campaign was spending hard money at the rate of 3 or 4 million dollars a month. This was like almost half a week of television that was at stake. To give you the order of magnitude, she'd have to get 500 donors to equal what that "accounting mistake" gave to her.

COLMES: You're playing a game of guilt by association, aren't you, Dick?

MORRIS: And by the way, if she didn't know about when it was reported twice, on the third report there had been a published account by Peter Paul that that amount was an underestimation. And Rosen still submitted the data, and Hillary didn't stop him. It's her campaign.

COLMES: All right but Dick, this could be someone, they're trying to do their job, get as much money for the campaign as possible. Hillary may not be in that loop. This is a game of guilt by association. As you've said, you said this could be it for Hillary about ten times. You've been wrong about ten times.

MORRIS: Right.

COLMES: Are you crying wolf here?

MORRIS: Well, I hope I'm not. We're talking about Houdini. She gets out of everything. She's succeeded so far in proving that the laws don't apply to her or to her husband. But who knows? This one looks pretty serious. You know, Senate campaigns aren't that big. They're not like big corporations or national campaigns. And a $500,000 decision goes all the way up to the top. Believe me. And the Clintons--believe me--pay very close attention to the cost of these events. I've been on the receiving end of that often.

SEAN HANNITY [FOX NEWS]: Hey Dick, you know you have, and not often deserved, Dick. I'll stick up for you. Let me just point out here, we're talking about this California fundraiser, recently indicted for lying about both the amount and the source of a million dollars that went to go help her campaign in 2000. So I want to spell this out for an audience. He's indicted, I can't find a single instance on the record where the media has even asked her a question about it. Now one other point and I'll let you respond. In his recent book, King of Cons, Aaron Tonken, didn't he not describe this one-on-one meeting with then First Lady in the back of the limo where he gave her "a chapter and verse update" on the money her top aide was hiding from the FEC? "I told her about virtually every penny I'd spent on her behalf. I told her about the money and what a pleasure it was to spend it on her candidacy." This isn't just about, this is a serious allegation, Dick.

MORRIS: Yeah, of course it's serious. This is a felony. You know, I was on a talk radio show--not yours, Sean, you're too sophisticated for this one--but the guy asked me, do you think this could hurt her political career? I said, if she's convicted of a felony she can't even vote, much less run for office. To deliberately falsify this information on submission to the FEC is a felony. Now the candidate doesn't sign that report; the treasurer signs the report. And in this case Rosen wasn't even the treasurer; he was the guy that gave the treasurer the information. But I believe that Rosen knows that Hillary knew, I believe Rosen can prove that he knows that Hillary knew, and I believe David Rosen has a choice. Am I going to go to jail, or am I going to tell the truth?

HANNITY: Well there's one other allegation that came out in the New York Daily News this week, Dick, and senior Democrats Byron Dorgan--

MORRIS: By the way not in the New York Times. They haven't mentioned this.

HANNITY: --well that's a good point--and John Kerry are trying to quietly kill a ten-year legal probe that would implicate several senior Clinton officials for obstruction of justice. And it has to do, the report would allege that the Justice Department officials snuffed out a tax case against Cisneros, that the IRS sometimes audited Clinton critics, in this particular case. Now the report has already been submitted, and what the bill is trying to do is prevent the public from seeing the written report from the Independent Counsel in the case. Now don't we have the right to see the report that we all paid for and then make our own decision?

MORRIS: Yeah, you sure do. And the misuse of the IRS and their auditing is something that could be very dangerous for our country. I've always felt that--

HANNITY: Why would Kerry do that?

MORRIS; Well, to spare the Democratic Party that embarrassment. It reminds me of a cute line that I once had on a Fox News show--not yours again--but the interviewer asked me if the IRS was auditing the girlfriends who'd turned on Clinton. And I said I don't think so; they audit one percent of their returns, they've audited eight women. Do the math.

HANNITY: Do you, you pointed out ten times they have gotten away with an awful lot, Dick. Do you see the scenario under which they could once again, this gets pushed under the rug. It seems like--

MORRIS: Right. Well, there's one scenario. Is David Rosen going to do what Web Hubbell and Susan McDougal did? Now Web Hubbell had a 30-year relationship with the Clintons. There was some reason for him not to. He'd gotten half a million dollars in consulting fees as a result of the Clintons' intervention. His hope for recovery related to that.

COLMES: All right Dick, we--

MORRIS: And Susan McDougal I think had an affair with Bill Clinton and she was pardoned.

COLMES: Nothing like bringing up old--

MORRIS: But David Rosen hasn't had an affair with him or a 30-year relationship.

COLMES: All right, or maybe she's actually innocent. But Dick, thank you for being with us.

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