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Welcome to johnny dollar's place: your source for the latest cable news developments, exclusive videos, and the truth about Fox News. You can subscribe to our RSS feed via the link at the bottom of the home page, or the RSS symbol near the upper right corner. J$P is written by Mark Koldys, a Juris Doctor with nearly 30 years of courtroom experience. He is also a published writer, a musician and a composer, with a background in on-air broadcasting and production.

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  • “Thank you J$, you rock!” --Tamara Holder
  • “You really are one of the most thorough and accurate reporters anywhere.” --David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun
  • “You guys are great!” --David Asman
  • I love that you follow me on twitter” --Greta van Susteren
  • “Johnny Dollar’s scrutiny has made me more careful in my posts, never a bad thing.” --Julie Driscoll, Liberal TKO
  • “J$, you are the very best....You rock!” --Janice Dean
  • “I intend to post comments about his character on every other blog that cites him.” --Ellen Brodsky, newshounds
  • “He's absolutely obsessed with my every utterance.” --Ellen Brodsky, newshounds
  • “Johnny Dollar is always a great source for cablenews coverage.” --Jim Pinkerton
  • “I value your commitment to fairness and accuracy in reporting and in holding the media and its players accountable for their words and actions. You've always treated me, and by all accounts your readership, with nothing short of fairness and respect.” --Alex Alvarez, Mediaite
  • Johnny Dollar is a phat phucking psychopath! --M Slootsky
  • “The only cable news blog that matters.” --Dorsey Shaw, BuzzFeed
  • “Enjoy your bizarre, hollow victory.” --‘Joeremi’
  • “Thank God for Johnny Dollar!” --John Gibson


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